Career Development and Job Placement Spotlight

TECHNICOLOR, Tevin and The Arc Mid-South


The Career Development and Job Placement (CDJP) department at The Arc Mid-South is becoming very well known for its successes in recruiting and pairing employers who are willing to invest in our community and employees willing to independently sustain themselves. Technicolor and Tevin is our latest pairing.

Technicolor, a Mid-South supplier of services and products for the communication, media and entertainment industries, was looking to hire responsible and reliable employees to help move materials through their warehouse. Having heard about our Career Development and Job Placement (CDJP) department, they wanted to give our services a try. A subsequent meeting was arranged to tour the facility and get the expectations for the positions to be filled.

Tevin, a recent high school graduate and pairing candidate, was referred to us by our state Vocational Rehabilitation center. He had no previous employment experience, but was eager to get a job and start making his own money. The data collected suggested his area of interest and ability was in warehousing!

A major portion of the success rate of our program has to do with how well the candidates are prepared for their interview. Tevin went through the dress rehearsal beautifully – answering interview questions, how he planned to get to work, being on time, how to dress, rules in the work place – and was ready to meet his potential employer.

Technicolor’s hiring personnel was impressed with Tevin to the point of getting to ‘if you are hired’ specifics. At this point, Tevin interjected that he would only work Mondays through Fridays. This had not come up for discussion previously and became a point of concern for the manager and CDJP staff because sometimes weekend work is required. The interview was briefly paused until Mom could be included in the discussion. Shortly thereafter it was determined Tevin would be available for work, including weekends and Tevin was hired.

The first Saturday after being hired, Tevin was scheduled to work. Just as the manager was frantically looking for Tevin to arrive for his shift, Tevin and his bright smile walked through the warehouse door. The manager went to Tevin and asked, “Today is Saturday, Tevin… You came to work?” The manager said Tevin responded with a big grin, “I only work Monday through Friday, but I’m here today because I like you!” 


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