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Christina R., an outstanding student in The Arc Mid-South’s Life, Education, Training, Skills (LETS) classroom, initially started the program with a lack of motivation in learning and a lack of interest in obtaining a job.  She has faced many obstacles, and challenges; yet she has emerged victoriously.  Through encouragement from the instructors of the LETS classroom, Christina is now eagerly applying for jobs online, using her newfound keyboard skills to help make it happen. 

Christina’s biggest trial has been in mathematics, always saying, “It’s too tough.”  With one on one assistance from the instructors, continued motivation, and urging from Career Development staff, Christina has worked diligently to improve her concentration and master her mathematics lessons.  

Christina has now transitioned her focus to reading comprehension, and is well on her way to earning her GED.  Christina’s GPA is the highest in the class, and she looks forward to securing a job and becoming a productive citizen.  There is no doubt that Christina will reach her goal.



Congratulations, Christina R.

The Arc Mid-South’s Board members and staff recently held a high school graduation celebration for one of the students in its LETS (Life, Education, and Training Skills) class. Christina R. obtained her high school diploma by mastering all of the academic requirements of the Gateway Exam.  The Arc Mid-South’s Executive Director, Carlene Leaper said that the LETS program started in August 2011 after they saw a need to empower individuals by equipping them with the tools necessary to
accomplish their goals. The agency has served individuals with disabilities for more than 30 years.

"The graduation rate for Tennessee public high schools in 2011 was 86% for all
students. However, the graduation rate for students with disabilities was 67%. In
addition, 14% of those students with disabilities who graduated did so with a
certificate of attendance not a diploma," said Carlene Leaper.

"That was Christina's situation. She spent 12 years in the public school system in
special education classes and did not receive a diploma. So, her goal from the moment she heard about our LETS classes was to obtain her high school diploma."

"What an accomplishment for her and us, Ms. Leaper said. "The Arc Mid-South did what the Memphis City School did not do. We congratulate Christina in her
well-deserved accomplishment."


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