A Christmas Celebration at The Arc Mid-South

On Thursday, December 20th, 2012 The Arc Mid-South staff joined in lots of holiday fun and festivities with our L.E.T.S (Life, Education, Training and Skills) students.  L.E.T.S. student, Scotty M., kicked off the program with a salute to our nation's flag, while leading us all in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Then the students performed for their families and the agency staff with rhythms of delightful Christmas Holiday songs.  Also, during the Christmas Holiday celebration, there were games played, awards presented to students for their notable achievements, gifts given, and lots of laughs.

 “As always, it is a treat to hear the students sing!” said Project Assistant, Leslie Jones.  Wearing red and black while dancing and singing along in the Christmas Spirit, the students looked great!  “They look so cute and sound really good!” said Program Specialist, Emma Milam.

Executive Director, Carlene Leaper invited our Elder Personal care clients to a festive holiday luncheon the same day.  After lunch everyone was graced with performances by the students and L.E.T.S. class Facilitator, Mildred Shores.  Mildred performed “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” and “Deck the Halls” for our Elders.  They were also honored and recognized by Ms. Leaper and the agency for their dedication to The Arc Mid-South.

The L.E.T.S students at The Arc Mid-South enjoy showcasing their many talents and sharing their love and happiness with us all! During the Holiday season it is always a joy to take part in the harmonious sounds of laughter and to see the many smiles on everyone’s faces. 

On December 6, The Arc Angels also performed at the McWherter Center at the AT&T Retirement Christmas Luncheon.  The AT&T Pioneers are a charitable organization that makes donations throughout the city. The retirees were entertained with holiday songs and merriment.  Mary Proctor, President of the Pioneers said,  "We will expect the choir to perform every Christmas."

Here at The Arc Mid-South we “Empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential” by demonstrating equality and inclusion within the Mid-South community, not only during the Holiday season, but year round.

Mildred Shores with Arc Angels choir at The Arc Mid-South Christmas Celebration

From left to right: Sandra Hawkins, Marcus Driver, Emma Milan, and Mildred Shores

The Arc Mid-South hosted a holiday luncheon for our Elder Care clients and family

L.E.T.S. students performed at the McWherter center for AT&T Pioneers Retirement Christmas luncheon.
L.E.T.S. students of The Arc Mid-South


The “Snow Flake Ball” at The Arc Mid-South

On Friday, December 21, 2012 The Arc Mid-South hosted a delightful “Snow Flake Ball” for our L.E.T.S (Life, Education, Training and Skills) students. The ball was organized by the Career Development and Job Placement (CDJP) Department of The Arc Mid-South who creatively transformed the room used as the dance hall into a winter wonderland with dangling snowflake ornaments, sparkling Christmas lights, and frosted windows. The ladies came dressed in beautiful ball gowns while the gentlemen were dressed in suits and ties. Everyone looked absolutely breathtaking!

Throughout the night there were lots of laughs, delicious treats, and dancing. Everyone was bursting with lots of holiday spirit while showing off their best dance moves! Executive Director, Carlene Leaper, Business Manager, Ruth Kirby, and Bookkeeper, Matthew Eastburn also joined in with the students, dancing to the musical beats of the “Cha Cha Slide” and the “Cupid Shuffle”. Beautiful holiday pictures were made as the students posed with Mr. & Mrs. Claus beneath the Christmas Tree.

Toward the end of the night, many of the students’ parents joined in on the infamous “Soul Train" line dance, with everyone sharing their coolest dance moves while shuffling down the aisle in full motion.

The “Snow Flake Ball” was a night for the students to “let their hair down” (or in this case, put their hair up and dress up) to celebrate their many successes from working diligently in the classroom over the past year. The L.E.T.S. students fully enjoyed themselves and had a blast!

Here at The Arc Mid-South we “Empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to achieve their full potential” by demonstrating equality and inclusion within the Mid-South community, and haven proven that we can also have fun while doing so!

Snowflake ball
Scotty M. and Christina R. at the Snowflake Ball
Snow flake ball
Students and staff dancing at the Snow Flake Ball
Snow Flake Ball
The Arc Mid-South students gather around the Christmas tree





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